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7 ways to prepare for your architectural photoshoot

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Are you an architect whose countless sketches, blueprints and renders have finally come to life? Or a proud homeowner who put their heart and soul into renovating your apartment or your childhood home?

Here are some tips that will help you show off your masterpiece:

  • This may seem obvious but lighting is a key factor in any form of photography. Your favourite spaces will have a touch of Midas as golden sunlight accessories the volume.

  • Indoor plants are like salt to food, it brings out and accentuates the flavours of the existing space. So have lots of plants of different sizes and species all in presentable pots.

  • Have a good variety of coffee table books and curios for the best results. A few trinkets and tchotchkes can make a lot of difference

  • For a well-lit bedroom, it is best to have minimal bedsheets in shades of white/light pastel colours. This makes the space feel more airy and comfortable, both to the eyes of the beholder and to the users of the space

  • Good paintings add fantastic character and a splash of colour to your space.

  • Consider adding a human model to your shots for understanding scale and proportions. It's best if they are in a flowy costume as it brings some form of dynamics into a static environment.

  • Make sure the project is well landscaped. A little green can go a long way.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Surely these tips will help you find the best frames to narrate the story of your design.


Photo credits: Justin Sebastian

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