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Design Philosophy

At Elemental, we create spaces that feel good. We focus on creating climate-responsive designs and promoting critical regionalism, a philosophy that preserves local architectural identity while rejecting its non-functional features and meeting global standards.

The word ‘elemental’ means ‘to embody the powers of nature’ and this is precisely what we do. We make most of nature’s bounty by leveraging the natural solar, wind and water resources present in each individual site and its surrounding.

We approach each project holistically by designing the landscape and interiors along with the architectural design.

Geography is no barrier for us, and we welcome projects from anywhere in the world.

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Design philosphy
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Our Clients

Apart from our eco-conscious clients who have built for their personal use, we have had the fortune of working alongside some amazing brands to create spaces that rejuvenate.

Our clients
The team
Amrutha Kishor


Amrutha Kishor is a RIBA nominated architect who specialises in climate responsive design. She believes critical regionalism is an essential tool in designing the way forward.

After completing her undergraduate degree from the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India in 2016, she went on to pursue a Masters in Architecture Design from the University of Nottingham, UK, graduating in 2018. After working in Dubai, India and England, she founded Elemental in 2020.


Amrutha's study on how good architecture aids energy efficiency in buildings has been recognised by the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2019. She is a LEED Green Associate, GRIHA certified professional and also holds a Diploma in Vastu Shastra from Bangalore Samskrit University. Off late, Amrutha has been collaborating with educational organisations to create online courses on Sustainable Architecture & Sustainable Interior Design. 

Forever grateful to these brilliant architects who have contributed immensely to Elemental's journey- 

Work culture

Refreshingly Remote

We're proud to be among the pioneering architecture firms in the country operating on a fully remote basis, prioritizing a healthy work-life balance for our team.

Catalysts for Innovation

Grounded in creativity, our collaborative approach fosters a learning environment free from repetitive tasks.

Work hard. Play harder.

Through office trips and team building sessions, we strengthen bonds and open channels of communication, ensuring excellent results by unlocking our team's full potential.

Flexibility is Key

We embrace an agile working methodology instead of a traditional hierarchical management system, with a focus on swift adaptation and collaboration in response to evolving circumstances and demands.

The Future is Inclusive

In our inclusive office, women constitute over 90% of our workforce, demonstrating a commitment to gender diversity. This environment fosters a rich tapestry of perspectives, driving creativity and innovation across all facets of our organization.

Productivity Hub

Our office system focuses on the importance of efficient work processes and output, rather than simply clocking in a set amount of time.

Work culture
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