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Being Elemental

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

At Elemental, we aim to embody and harness the powers of nature to create climate responsive and sustainable built environments.

The walls of our buildings are rooted and grown with local materials represent the earth. The sun veiling every nook and corner as daylight represents fire. The spaces yawn in to invite wind as ventilation, and the windows are the heralds summoning the surroundings in as beautiful views.

Our logo is a representation of exactly this thought. The four elements of nature have their own alchemical representations.

As per Vastu, a traditional Indian system of architecture, each of these elements are attributed to the different ordinal directions.

North West – Wind North East – Water

South West – Earth South East – Fire

The alchemical symbols for the elements of nature were arranged in a constellation based on the different quadrants as mentioned above.

The alchemical symbols of each of these elements amalgamate to form a transform glyph.

With sustainability at its center, the core of our logo is defined by the colour green.


"What we're building, has already been built."

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