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The Eco-house

Area              3,800 sq.ft.

Location         Kottayam, Kerala, India

Year              2018 - 2020

Status            Completed

Team             Amrutha Kishor, Punnoose Mathew Pattassery, Kishor Mathew Pattassery, Ambanattu Civiltech (building contractor)

Program         Residential - Single dwelling, Architecture & Interior Design

Photography   Justin Sebastian

Awards          Festival of Architecture & Interior Design 2020 - Green Building - Top 4 at National Level, Festival of Architecture & Interior Design 2020 -

                    Residence  - Top 6 at National Level, WADE Asia Awards 2023

Publications    Architectural Digest, The Better India, Buildofy, Platform magazine, The Design Collective, OnManorama, Buildofy 

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