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Green Campus

Area       15,000 sq.ft.

Location  Ramamangalam, Kerala, India

Year        2020

Status      Concept

Client      Ave Stella Maris College, Ramamangalam

Team       Amrutha Kishor, Feby Susan Philip, Afrah Jahan, Gayathri S. Nair, Ans Maria Sunny

Program   Institutional, Renovation

In December 2020, the team at Ave Stella Maris College, Ramamangalam approached us to share with us their vision of recreating what their brand stands for. They told us of their foresight to make the college a torch bearer in sustainability. The institute, a pioneer of a range of courses, created to develop professional skills releavant in the 21st century had a unique set of spaces to be developed. 


The campus is located at a five acre property in the midlands of Kerala, India. The existing building (shown on the left) made out of concrete block has two floors. Here is how the space has been developed:


A new stage has been added to host events at the center of the refurbished wing.

The new office space made primarily of glass has a view onto the central wing.


The Stella steps act as a circulation facility for the students to the top wing. 

The steps are foreseen to be a great gathering spot for the students!

Clay murals adorn the new vertical cliffside below the top wing which help visually represent the core values of Ave Stella Maris College, Ramamangalam.


The new blocks made of used shipping containers on the top wing are utilised as the canteen, library and labs for the Ave Stella Maris College's visionary 'Earn while you Learn' programme.  

The new blocks have been positioned to enhance wind flow onto the site and allow for hot air at the central gathering area to escape.

Maximum openings on at the new blocks have been made to face North to minimise solar heat gain.


Solar panels installed on the roof provide for the electricity requirments of the college.

The green curtain wall on the southern facade acts like a barrier from the harsh afternoon sun.

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