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Magadi Farmhouse

Area        1,200 sq.ft.

Location    Magadi, Karnataka, India

Year         2019 - 2020

Status       Completed

Team        Amrutha Kishor, Anjali Nar (Metristambh) & Mahesh Ganesh (Metalorganz)

Program    Residential - Single Dwelling, Agro-tourism

Located at the outskirts of Bengaluru, Magadi is a village which runs mainly on the farming industry. The farmhouse is situated in a 5-acre property, in the midst of coconut trees and is a short walk away from a lake and the mountains. An ideal escape from the urban chaos of Bangalore, the property is to be rented out as a weekend home on Airbnb. 

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Using shipping containers for construction is a great way to build for the environmentally conscious. A report by Integrated Equipment Sales states that in the year 2020 there are 11 million unused containers disposed at different parts of the world. With this project, we have upcycled 8 metric tonnes of metal waste. 


Magadi Farmhouse which is built with two used shipping containers has a very spacious feel to it. Apart from the one bedroom with attached bathroom facility, there is also a central courtyard, open kitchen and designated living and dining spaces. 

Two shipping containers of the size 40x9.5x8 feet.


A used shipping container is essentially a metal box. Our main challenge was to make it adapt to the hot climate of South India to create comfortable conditions indoors. Here are the measures we have taken to make Magadi Farmhouse climate-responsive:

Insulation on walls keeping indoor temperature desirable, cutting out the need for airconditioning. 


The overall cost to build Magadi Farmhouse is was ₹17 lakhs -which is 33% less than if it were built in a conventional style. 



The time required for construction is also considerably low. 

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