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Kuttanad SETU

A solution to Kerala's flood problem.

Location   Kuttanad, Kerala, India

Year        2019 - ongoing

Team       Punnoose Mathew Pattassery, Amrutha Kishor, Kishor Mathew Pattassery, Rev. Dr. Abraham Mullammootil, Dr.K.R.S.Krishnan, Mohan Babu, 

              Krishnakumar K.K.

Program  Rural development and master-planning

Studies by Climate Central have predicted that most of the Kuttanad region at Kerala, India will be underwater by the year 2030. Kerala has experienced massive floods during the years 2018 and 2019. Unfortunately, this is expected to continue. 

Considering the amount of damage this has caused to livestock and property, our team has put together a sixteen step solution to overcome these issues. The proposal focuses on developing the region to meet its agricultural potential at the same time maintaining its semi-rural character. 

The main focus of our report are:

  • An easy-to-maintain and cost-efficient system to pump out the excessive rainwater during high tide.

  • Cleaning and widening of rivers. Reviving of canals and estuaries.

  • Timely opening of bunds and shutters.

  • Dredging the backwaters of Kuttanad with dredgers (not JCBs). The silty sand collected from the soil bed can be used to create wide dykes (earthen bunds) similar to that at Holland.

  • Platic collection from the locality and using it to strengthen the dykes.

  • Installing pumped storage hydroelectric systems.

At the moment, we are in discussion with the Kerala Government's Department of Agriculture and Farm Welfare and Department of Irrigation for the implementation of the project.

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Featured      23 October 2019, ManoramaOnline, പ്രളയത്തിൽ മുങ്ങരുത് കൊച്ചി, കുട്ടനാട്; വരട്ടെ തെലങ്കാന ‘ബാഹുബലി’ പമ്പ്. 
                  23 October 2019, Malayala Manorama, പ്രളയജലം  പമ്പ്   ചെയ്‌തു   കടലിൽ  ഒഴുക്കാം 
                  22 May 2020, Malayala Manorama, തോല്കരുത് ഇനിയും തോരാമഴയോട് 

Publication   02 February 2020, International Conference on Science, Engineering, Technology and Social Sciences, K.E.College, Mannannam

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