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Cochin Container

Area       4,000 sq.ft.

Location  Vennala, Cochin, India

Year        2020

Status      Concept

Client      Aravind Sidhardhan

Team       Amrutha Kishor, Mahesh Ganesh (Metalorganz)

Program   Residential - Multi Dwelling, Tourism

Fourteen used shipping containers are arranged in a 5-cent plot to create twelve luxury studio units. The hotel-apartments complex made of used shipping containers is the first of its kind in the region!

massing - vennala container.JPG

Built out of used shipping containers, the building's biggest contribution to the environment is the reuse of tons of metal that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Although popular around the world, this method of construction is still picking up in the Indian subcontinent. Its greatest advantages are the reduced costs of labour and time saved in construction. 


Being the first of its kind, the building stands out! The eye-catching design makes passers-by curious about the hotel apartments. They are sure to remember it when a requirement comes up!

3d- vennala containers.jpg
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