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Cardamom Farmhouse

Area         2750 sq.ft.

Location    Udumbanchola, Kerala, India

Year         2020

Status       Concept

Client        Baraka Estate

Team         Amrutha Kishor, Feby Susan Philip

Program     Residential - Multi Dwelling, Agro-tourism


Baraka Estate which is located in the misty hills of Idukki in Kerala is home to a number of crops, primarily cardamom.

The century-old outhouse on the property has been used for generations to sort and store the yield. With time, it has dilapidated and the requirements at the farm have also changed.

The outhouse was to be renovated with a newly added floor and provisions for three bedrooms, an outdoor dining area, and a meeting space.

The stone walls of the existing farmhouse are left in place. The newly added second floor is supported on a steel structure. At the front facade, the walls of the upper floor are an extension to the existing stone walls. Exposed bricks on the rear and side facades blend seamlessly with the green and brown of the surroundings. 

Clay tile roofing of the outhouse is replaced with tin sheets to match with the other buildings on site.


The interior spaces at the Cardamom Farmhouse have been designed to follow a minimalist theme. Wood from around the site is used to create custom furniture. Mild colour palettes have been set to complement the stone and brick walls.

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