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3490 sq.ft.
 Pookattupady, Ernakulam, Kerala, India
Mini Bhaskar
Residential (Single dwelling)
Haritha Gangadharan, Ans Maria Sunny, Neha Ann Liju, Nimmy Mariam Sunny, Megha Shaji, Reethu Anna Kuriakose, Saad Sheji, Christina Ann Benny, Kajol James, Riya Susan Mathews, Afrah Jahan, Gayathri S Nair, Navami CG, Shilpa Elizabeth Kuruvilla, Anugraha N, Feby Susan Philip, Angella Darling








The project revolves around creating a comfortable and climate-responsive residence for the family. AURORA aims to provide an open and breezy living space that harmonizes with the lush surroundings. The design prioritizes an open layout, interplay of light, and self-cooling features to enhance the overall living experience.

Situated in the heart of Kerala, the site offers a canvas of natural beauty and cultural richness. AURORA responds to the context by maximizing the use of natural elements, optimizing views, and incorporating design features that seamlessly blend with the local environment.

The planning of AURORA is rooted in creating a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The interplay of light is a central concept, achieved through an enchanting double-height living area with a mesmerizing brick facade. The project also emphasizes cross ventilation, large volumes, and strategic solar shading to adapt to Kerala's tropical climate.


Zoning within the project is carefully considered to optimize living spaces. However, the challenges lie in addressing the tropical climate, requiring innovative solutions for self-cooling, rainwater drainage, and solar shading. Balancing the family's open-hearted nature with the need for privacy presents an additional challenge that the design effectively addresses.


AURORA seizes the opportunity to embrace Kerala's tropical climate by incorporating a sloped roof, clay roof tiles for insulation, and larger volumes for increased air circulation. The project pays attention to details such as the angles of brick placement for rain protection, and operable windows for cross ventilation.

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